Protect Your Paintwork From Stone Chips

PPF & PPS Paint Protection in Bolton, Greater Manchester

Our sprayable paint protective coating (PPF) is paint protection like no other. It protects your car from stone chips & debris leaving a finish that looks as good as your original paint.

Perfectly clear protection

Can be sanded, polished & ceramic coated

200 microns, or 8mils minimum thickness

No edges or seams

When you own a car that you treasure and love to maintain, the worst thing is having your gleaming paintwork damaged by something as simple as a stone chip or scratch.

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accident repair centre bolton

That's where our protective, professionally applied, PPF coating comes in! Once applied to your vehicle it will protect your paintwork from stone chips plus our coating comes with a 5 year guarantee and can be polished, waxed and even ceramic coated. Get in touch for a free quote today.